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Celebrity Kids Look for Less: Tabitha Broderick

We don’t see too much of Sarah Jessica Parker’s girls in the celebrity gossip circuit, but the fact that they live in NYC could be one of the reasons why. However, since their mom is still a beloved pop culture & fashion icon we will definitely tune in to see how their own style evolves (eh hem, Olsen twins!). No pressure on them of course!

Below is a look inspired by Tabitha Broderick, who was spotted in a leather jacket just like mom. It’s perfect for your little diva Fancy Girls. There’s nothing terribly high-end about her outfit either; I’m sure your FGs already have some of the pieces hanging around in their closets. But have you ever considered a leather (in our case faux leather) jacket? It’s actually pretty cute (and probably really warm too). Get the product details below.

Celebrity Look for Less: Tabitha Broderick

1. Gutsy Toddler Girls Lily Long Sleeve Half Zipped Fleece, $9.99, Amazon | 2. Twenty Twenty Radar Faux-Leather Motorcycle Jacket, $19.99, Amazon | 3. Girls Ruffle-Trimmed Skirt, $29.95, L.L.Bean | 4. Circo® Lime Cheer Leggings, $3.50, Target | 5.Toddler Girls Cherokee® Dawna Flat, $4.54, Target

Tabitha image source: JustJaredJr. 


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