…be allowed to color all over her toys (Blankz Product Review)

Blankz in Action!

I had the fun opportunity to test out a new product called Blankz–stuffed toys that you can color, wash, and recolor again! This was a great product for my almost 4 year old Fancy Girl to test drive and, since it seems to be birthday season in our neighborhood, it would make a great gift too. I mean, what’s not to love about the ability to draw all over your toys and then throw them in the wash to start all over again! My 20 month old even fussed over these cute little critters as her introduction to the toddler art world. She practically bolted for the markers and seal (he was her favorite) whenever she spotted the package. Take note that in the image above, the bottom left picture is the seal from his first colorizing and the bottom right image is after he went through a cycle in the wash and then Mom took over and made some sophisticated designs.

A Blankz package, which retails for $13.99, includes the following:

  • A white blank animal–bear, elephant, seal, hare, bull, dog, or a pig
  • A pack of markers
  • Instructions (you must read for washing and coloring directions!)
  • A blank stand to prop up your finished masterpiece or create a unique backdrop

My only word of caution would be to expect marker to get all over your kids’ hands. But fear not: the marker is pretty easy to get out. In fact, the founder of Blankz, Glenn Rudin, even gave me a magic potion to scrub the ink away!

A little toothpaste along with either rubbing alcohol or mouthwash.  Rub the mixture over the inked spots on the hands for a minute or two and it will come loose.  Then wash with soap and warm water.
Let me know how you like the Blankz toys too!


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