AFGM on Instagram: Faux Leather Christmas Style

I am so excited about the girls’ Christmas outfits this year. I always have a vision of what I want; it just takes me a little while to put all the pieces together since what I want is not typically sold all together in one place. I don’t do typical Christmas colors for budget reasons: the girls can wear the outfits again when we celebrate New Year’s Day at the Union League in Philly or for any special occasion in the future. This year I went with a faux leather theme. I kind of surprised myself since I never really considered that for kids. I used to think it was too mature and looked funny, but all it took was a very kid-appropriate dress by FabKids to change my mind. Not surprisingly, it sold out pretty quickly! I was able to secure a dress for my Middle Fancy Girl, but not for Big Sis. Things always work out, and I was able to find an adorable faux leather skirt at The Children’s Place which totally matched her personality. I was admittedly a little nervous about the shoes though since lately she’s been in an anti-pink phase. However, FabKids came through again and had pink (more like fuchsia) flats with studs that totally won her over. Success!

The run down of their outfits is as such:

Big Sis (shown below):
Top: Forver21 Kids
Skirt: The Children’s Place
Necklace: The Icing
Shoes: FabKids
Headband: The Children’s Place

Middle Sis:
Dress: FabKids – Sold Out! (shop some other adorable options)
Necklace: The Icing
Shoes and Headband: The Children’s Place Outlet (see similar items on the regular store site)


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  • Sarah Donza-Hughes

    OHHHHH LOVE!!!!!!