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A Few Collections We Are Loving Right Now

Whimsical and fancy. Those are just a few things we love for our Fancy Girls. We love clothes, toys and accessories that ignite imagination and encourage creative expression (even if it’s completely mismatched and out of season!). Below are a few new collections that we discovered that we know your Fancy Girls will love!

Emily & Meritt for Pottery Barn Teen: The “teen” label doesn’t stop us from oohing and aahing over the vintage and whimsical design of this bedding collection. We love the romantic colors and magical prints, and know the fairy princess Fancy Girl would love them too.
Emily & Meritt for Pottery Barn Teen

WUNWAY Accessories: Do you notice a pattern here? We hope so. The reason why we love the stars and whimsy of Pottery Barn is the same one that attracted us to this adorable collection started by 3 moms. They’re more than just hair bands and necklaces; they have clothing, shoes and a few fun things for mom too!
WUNWAY Accessories for girls age 1 through 8

J. Crew for Baby: It started with a text message and then we saw the the collection of Cool Mom Picks. The new J. Crew Baby Collection is everything we would expect it to be. It makes you want to snuggle up to the onsies as if there are real babies in them. There’s cashmere, of course, and adorable finds from other luxury baby lines like Ouef and Petit Bateu. Oh and we can’t forget the baby Minnetonka! Eeee!
J. Crew Baby Collection


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