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6 Pantone Rose Quartz Gifts for Baby Girls

Robeez Premium Leather Classic Moccasin, Soft Soles, Pink

I have a very simple rule when it comes to shopping for a new baby: no blankets. Trust me – the parents will have plenty between the baby showers and gifts from relatives and their own parents’ friends.  Before I had kids, I was guilty of reaching for a blanket for baby gifts, but it’s really just not necessary. After my 1st daughter was born, we ended up with a large storage bag full of blankets, with a few more saved for the linen closet. And then I had 2 more girls, and more blankets. Personalized bath towels, though, are a nice alternative.

In addition to the no-blanket rule, I like to give gifts that the baby might need later on or something that I wish I had. When giving decor or furniture, always get nursery color palette details before you guess. Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she’ll have a pink room. When buying clothes, start with a few months ahead or just get packs of onesies the baby can wear right away. I was so thankful for my husband’s staff who got my 3rd born a few packs of long-sleeved bodysuits since she was a January baby. When buying shoes, stick to easy slip-on booties and slippers like the variety of adorable options from Robeez.  But if you’re more of a shop-by-color gift giver, you can always consult the Pantone color guides. One of the Colors of the Year for 2016 is Rose Quartz, and below are 6 gift ideas to get you started. NOTE: Depending on your budget, add in a few of your favorite picture books to help build her own personal library.

Robeez Premium Leather Classic Moccasin, Soft Soles, Pink, Robeez – Keep those little piggies warm and comfortable with these easy and adorable shoes. I was given a pair of these for my youngest and only wish I got them for my other girls when they were babies. They’re also great if you need to run out of the house, say to the bus stop, and don’t have time for socks and shoes.

Robeez Premium Leather Classic Moccasin, Soft Soles, Pink

Woodland Rose Mini Melamine Nursery Set and Food Tray, Cath Kinston – You’ll wish you had as many dining sets as you do blankets.

Woodland Rose Mini Melamine Nursery Set and Food Tray

12″ Childrens Slimline Hangers, Pack of 10, Linens ‘N’ Things – Does anyone ever have enough hangers?

12" Childrens Slimline Hangers

HONORA White Rose Pearl Necklace (Girls), Nordstrom – A special keepsake that she can wear when she’s older.

HONORA White Rose Pearl Necklace (Girls), Nordstrom

Le Toy Van Rosebud Nursery Set, Alexa and Alex – Babies love babies to play with. When she starts showing interest in playing pretend, you’ll be ready with her own little nursery set. Just keep the tiny pieces out of reach.

Le Toy Van Rosebud Nursery Set, Alexa and Alex

Lemon Loves Layette Infant Girls Olivia Romper – Rose Shadow Pink, Best Dressed Child – I love this layette! I received a white one from LLL when my youngest was a baby and she looked adorable in it! Plus, it was easy to put on and take off.

Lemon Loves Layette Infant Girls Olivia Romper - Rose Shadow Pink



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  • hchybinski

    Cute ideas! I too was guilty of the baby blanket syndrome . . .they are just so soft and cuddly!! I haven’t bought a baby gift in FOREVER!

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      Believe me– I have to stop myself from buying blankets for that very reason. There are so many cuddly ones. But if you have to get gifts, go with a pack of diapers & wipes and then something fun for the baby.

  • I love this color, and that layette is beautiful! I love the idea of adding picture books to the gift.