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5 Gifts to Inspire Her in 2015

5 Gifts to Inspire Her in The New Year |

Kids are tactile learners. They need something to touch and feel in order for an idea or fact to commit to memory. The same can be said about keeping them inspired and motivated. I probably rattle off all kinds of positivity quotes and motivational reminders to my girls, but it’s hard to know what’s sticking. But if I were to get them something to look at everyday–whether for their room or something to wear–then at least I know there is a good chance that the words I want them to remember, will actually have some influence. With a new year arriving in just days, I thought I would put together some ideas for influencing your fancy girls for a great year ahead. She has 365 new days to try something new, make a new friend, conquer a challenge, fix a mistake, start a new hobby, etc. Whatever her motivation is, give her something to help her stay inspired.

5 Gifts to Inspire Her in The New Year  |

1. Follow Your Heart Engraved Pencils, $4, Etsy | 2. Little & Fierce iPhone Case, $27.08, Red Bubble | 3. Compass Charm Bangle, $38, Alex and Ani | 4. Follow Your Arrow Pillow, $35, Etsy | 5. Lucky Feather Necklace, $14.95, Chasing Fireflies





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