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4 Beauty & Fashion Musts for Fall

4 Beauty & Fashion Musts for October - AMG Naturally Hair & Skin

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I can’t say that there’s a theme to my post this week other than that they’re all things that I’ve either been using or wearing over the past few weeks.  The first 3 are new additions to my beauty routine and wardrobe, and then there’s one that I gleefully pull out of my closet around this time every year. Here are my 4 random picks of the month.

1. AMG Naturally Botanical Elixir and Nature’s Sun Secret – It is so hard to find a serum that will tame my crazy hair. When It’s not flat-ironed, it’s usually a frizzy poof with a few perfect spiral curls scattered throughout. I don’t like blowdrying on the days when I don’t need to straighten it in order to give my hair a break, but I usually just end up pulling it into a bun since it dries like a mess. I’ve tried various hair oils and serums in the past, but they just aggravate my skin and cause breakouts along my hairline. I received a sample of AMG Naturally Botanical Elixir hair & skin serum and Nature’s Sun Secret and really like them. I’ve been using the hair serum almost daily and have noticed my hair has tighter curls, is smooth, shiny and more weighed down. The real test was how my skin would react and, so far, there’s no irritation. I guess I just needed to find the right oil for my hair and skin. The AMG Naturally hair serum is made with Moringa oil infused with Sacha Inchi oil. Moringa oil has been known for its anti-aging benefits for skin and strengthening and rejuvenating effects on the hair.   Sacha Inchi oil has the potential of ridding acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and redness of the skin.  One thing I wasn’t expecting though was the strong almost cologne-like smell of the serum. But it’s only temporary; there’s no lingering aroma once you apply to your hair. The sunscreen, Nature’s Sun Secret, contains ingredients with naturally occurring SPF like Carrot Seed oil (SPF 40), Coconut oil (SPF 8) and She Butter (SPF 5). Other benefits include: increased production of collagen which reduces the effects of aging, Vitamin D production, and melanin production to prevent age spots. We all should be using a daily moisturizer with sunscreen, but a lot of brands contain harmful chemicals that get absorbed through our skin into the bloodstream. Those chemicals are also getting into our oceans and harming wildlife. I only just started using the sunscreen and so far so good. I haven’t used it on my face only because I have a daily regimen that works really well for my sensitive skin.

4 Beauty & Fashion Musts for Fall  - AMG Naturally Hair & Skin



2. Cold-Shoulder Top, South Moon Under – I’ve been following this trend for some time now, but I was on the fence about it for me. It wasn’t because I didn’t like it either. It was more that for the first time in my 30’s, I actually questioned if I was “too old” for this trend. Wow did I sound like an old fuddy-duddy! Fortunately, I was hosting a networking party at the Princeton, NJ store and used it as an opportunity to try it out. I don’t know why I was 2nd guessing the cold-shoulder; I fell in love with shirt and felt age-appropriately sexy! I wore it for a grand opening party for one of my clients and had so many compliments!

4 Beauty & Fashion Musts for Fall  - Cold Shoulder Tops

3. Triangle stud earrings, House of Harlow 1960– In case you didn’t know, this is Nicole Richie’s fashion brand. Her boho chic/Hollywood glamour style shines through in the pieces, with signature items like the sunburst pendant and lots of gold. I’ve been following her line for awhile but never actually purchased anything.. until I joined Rocksbox. House of Harlow 1960 is one of their brands, and in my most recent delivery, I received a set up triangle studs. I have multiple earring holes in both ears, and was getting a little tired of wearing round studs. Since I’ve been into wearing spiked  jewelry, the triangle studs added the right amount of subtle edge. Below are a few of the styles that you can add to your wishlist on Rocksbox, but if you don’t have a subscription, you can buy them at

4 Beauty & Fashion Musts for Fall  - House of Harlow Triangle Studs



4. Faux Fur Vest – It’s a conversation starter and it keeps me warm. My black faux fur vest was one of the best impulse purchases I made at Marshall’s a few years ago, and I love that faux fur vests are popping up all over the place now! Mine is a bomber jacket style that hits at my waist and has a zipper but yours doesn’t have to be used as outerwear. A long vest, like the Ann Taylor one at the far left and Forever 21 in the middle, could be worn as part of your outfit. What’s great about a fur vest-whether it’s for outerwear or just a wardrobe staple- is that it doesn’t go out of style. You’ll get your money’s worth with how often you wear it. And believe me, you won’t want to put it away.

4 Beauty & Fashion Musts for Fall  - Faux Fur Vests

Left to right: Ann Taylor, Forever 21, Lord & Taylor


What are your favorite fall finds?


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    You look fantastic in that top!!!!! I want the vest too