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Friday Fresh Picks: 4 Awesome #GirlPower Totes

I’m not usually compelled to enter Instagram giveaways, but I recently saw one I couldn’t pass up! Etsy shop Anne + Morris, a collection of apparel, bags, mugs and wine glasses with entertaining phrases, was doing a giveaway of a tote that read “I am unable to quit as I am currently too legit,” and I had to have it! Whether we feel like it or not, we moms ARE too legit! And this tote is a fun way to show off some untouchable Hammer-time confidence in a subtle way. In honor of my new favorite mom tote, here are 3 other #girlpower #girlboss totes from Etsy that your Fancy Girls will love too!

Friday Fresh Picks


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  • Sarah Donza-Hughes

    OMG!!!! I am dying over I am unable to quit!!

  • I love these! My girls and I are definitely collectors of tote bags. I especially love the Girl Boss tote. They had me at the gold lettering!