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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Hayley’s Gift Picks for Other 6 Year Olds

Hayley's Gift Guide for 6 Year Old Girls

It’s Day 5 of the 2016 Fancy Girl Holiday Gift Guide! This year is all about gift guides by real Fancy Girls. Day 1, my eldest shared her list for 8 year olds, Day 2 my middle daughter did a list for 6 year olds, Day 3 were gift picks for 3 year olds like my youngest, and Day 4 was a list of 3 unique stocking stuffers. In keeping with the Real Fancy Girls theme,  I will be sharing gift guides from the daughters of some of my blogger friends over the next few days. First up, for Day 5, is Hayley, the daughter of Finnegan and the Hughes founder/editor Sarah Hughes. Get to know Hayley and shop her picks below.


Hayley likes soccer, make-up, hot chocolate, art, sewing, girl scouts, dolls and beating up her older brother.

Hayley's Gift Guide for 6 Year Old Girls

  1. MiP Personal Robot – White/Black, Toys ‘R’ Us
  2. Sewing Basket – Doll Print, Walmart
  3. Boo, the World’s Cutest Dog, Barnes & Noble 
  4. Deep Pink Fur-rific Beanbag, PB Teen 
  5. Arts & Crafts Supply Center, Lakeshore




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  • Love all of Hayley’s picks, especially that fabulous bean bag!!

  • Sarah Donza-Hughes