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2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Delaina’s Gift Picks for Other 8 Year Olds

Delaina's Gift Guide for 8 Year Old Girls

It’s Day 8 of the 2016 Fancy Girl Holiday Gift Guide! This year is all about gift guides by real Fancy Girls. Day 1, my eldest shared her list for 8 year olds, Day 2 my middle daughter did a list for 6 year olds, Day 3 were gift picks for 3 year olds like my youngest, and Day 4 was a list of 3 unique stocking stuffers. This week,  I am sharing gift guides from the daughters of some of my blogger friends. Day 5 were gift picks put together by Hayley, the daughter of Finnegan and the Hughes founder Sarah Hughes. Day 6 was Harper’s list. She’s the daughter of Pieces of a Mom founder Sheila Hill. Day 7 was Julia, the daughter of Momma Lew’s founder Reesa Lewandowski. And today is Delaina, age 8, who is the daughter of Everyday Cori’s founder Corine Ingrassia. Meet Delaina and shop her picks below!

Delaina's Gift Guide for 8 Year Old Girls

Delaina is 8 years old. Her obsessions include cheer, making crafts, accessorizing and sparkles, lots and lots of sparkles…

Delaina's Gift Guide for 8 Year Old Girls

  1. Gel a Peel, Amazon
  2. Charm U Playset, Amazon
  3. Rose Gold Glitter Makeup Case, Claire’s 
  4. Emoji Foldable Headphones, Justice
  5. Fuzzy hedgehog hat and gloves, Justice


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  • Sarah Donza-Hughes

    great picks!! Love those emoji headphones