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2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Girls

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Girls

It’s the last day of the Fancy Girl Holiday Gift Guide and it’s all about stocking stuffers for girls.
2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Girls

For us, stocking gifts tend to be practical, everyday things like socks, hair things, pencils, notepads, and tape, but it’s always fun to squeeze in something that might be too small for under the tree. Some of those extras are must-haves that I discovered back in November at the CVS Mom Mixer hosted by Colleen Padilla of Classy Mommy and Whitney Wingerd of Mommies with Style. This guide would also work as gift ideas for your fancy girl to give to her friends too (if they’re at the gift exchange age already).

Don’t forget to shop for the lil’ Fancy Girl on your list with our other gift guides: the little trendsetter, the STEMgirl, the little foodie, the little bookworm, and luxury gifts.  

Have fun shopping! What are your go-to stocking gifts?

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers for Girls

1. Cupcake Bath Bomb, $9, | 2. EOS Lip Balm, Strawberry Sorbet, $3.99, CVS | 3. SpaghettiHeadz, $13.99, Morphmallow | 4. Amazing Zhus” Stunt Pets Abra, $10, Walmart | 5. Hair Ties Sets, $2.80-$3.80, Forever21 | 6. Telebrands’ Wow Cup, $9.99, | 7. alex® dylan’s candy bar® lollipop kits, $3, FiveBelow | 8. Angelina Girls Knee High Cotton Socks with Non-Skid Bottom (6 Pairs), $18-$22, Amazon








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  • Heather

    I know a lot of little girls that would Love spaghetti headz!

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      They are so fun and pretty easy to put in too. They can play hairdresser with all kinds of colors. And… they come out easily too. No more cutting out strings and stuff.

  • hchybinski

    Did I miss you at the Mom Mixer??! =(

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      Which session did you go to? I was kind of in and out quickly and didn’t really know anyone. It was the first time I was actually free to attend.

  • Sarah Donza-Hughes

    Hayley loves Spaghetti Headz

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      I need to remember to order some in time for Christmas! Although maybe I’ll save for Little Christmas.