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20 mother-daughter date ideas for Mother’s Day

20 mother-daughter date ideas for Mother's Day

Now that my older Fancy Girls are starting to share in some of my interests, it’s becoming fun to plan activities and outings for just the 3 of us (sorry Evy! Your time will come). I try to get some alone time with each of them too, but those opportunities are hard to come by. And on the flip side, I don’t often get a chance to have mother-daughter time with my own mom. When I do see her, it’s usually when she’s visiting me and the girls, or we’re up visit her. We text a lot – sharing recipes, fashion finds, and more – but it’s not the same as in person. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I started thinking of the different kinds of date ideas that mothers and daughters can do together at various ages. Below are 20, but there are endless more possibilities.

  1. Paint and sip studios
  2. Wine tasting at a winery
  3. Mani/pedi Day
  4. Shopping for a new outfit
  5. Tickets to a concert or show that she would love
  6. Monthly subscription box to enjoy together
  7. Girlfriend’s retreat at a hotel
  8. Sunday tea
  9. Flower arrangement class
  10. Take an adult school class together
  11. Get a photoshoot together
  12. Take a weekend road trip
  13. Have a Netflix night
  14. Make a perfume together
  15. Try a new cooking project – either at home or at a class
  16. Go for a hike
  17. Have a picnic lunch
  18. Learn a new craft together – like knitting, ceramics, etc
  19. Do a 5K for one of her favorite causes
  20. Take a fitness class together

What dates do you have with your mom or daughter(s)? And what are you planning for Mother’s Day?


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